Fishing Charter Traverse City

Fishing Charter Traverse City

Fishing in Traverse City

Big Kahuna Charters is the #1 Traverse City fishing charter. Located right on the shores of the beautiful Lake Michigan, Big Kahuna Charters offers a variety of freshwater fishing experiences. Take a trip in our 37' Big Kahuna fishing yacht and go trolling for monster salmon and lake trout. While you're out on the boat, take in the some of the sights the lake has to offer. With one of the most beautiful freshwater shorelines in the world, you'll be happy that you chose Big Kahuna fishing charter in Traverse City, MI.

Exciting Trip to Take

Have you ever been searching for things to do and just couldn't make up your mind? A Traverse City fishing charter just might be the thing for you. Bring your family and friends for a day out on the waves and take in some sunshine. This is the perfect bonding experience, whether you're a dad trying to figure out a way to bond with your son or just wanting to spend some time with an old friend. You will create long-lasting memories appreciating one of the area's most beautiful natural resources. Bring home the catch of your life and get the chance to share your catch on the dinner plate afterwards.

Why us

Big Kahuna Fishing has over 100 years of combined experience as a Traverse City fishing charter. Our fishing yachts are rigged up with everything you'll need to make your trip comfortable and exciting. The boats are filled with state-of-the-art fishing equipment including GPS navigation systems and extra-large storage chests for the day's catch. All tackle is provided for your trip. However, you need to provide your own food and beverages.

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