Trout Fishing Tips

Trout Fishing Tips

For a while, about a decade or two ago, lake trout were all but extinct in Lake Michigan. However, in 2013, lake trout began reproducing naturally. Since then, there has been tons of reports from Lake Michigan anglers stating that they’re back, and back to stay—at least for a while. So, we here at Big Kahuna Charters decided to put together a list of helpful trout fishing tips for the next time you’re out on the lake.

Lures – When choosing a lure, it is important to keep in mind some key variables. What does the smaller bait fish in the area look like? Most of the time, lake trout know the difference between their food and foreign objects, but not when your lure looks exactly like their food! Choose a lure that is going to work with the depth that your fish are at. In the spring, lake trout tend to hover around the 20’ to 40’ mark. In the summer, however, lake trout gravitate towards warmer pools of water, so you might want to head toward the shallower parts of the lake. There’s no sense in using a deep diving lure when fishing in shallow waters.

They Travel in Groups – Even when lake trout are not schooling they tend to stick in the same area. If you catch one, don’t leave your spot, as there will more than likely be more in that spot, possible bigger than the first! It’s a good idea to invest in a fish finder when fishing for lake trout. This will help you see what’s going on below your boat and help you spot a group of large lake trout.

You Might Not Need a Boat – Spawning in the fall, lake trout make their way towards reefs and shoals, but some migrate inland, creating great opportunity for anglers to catch lake trout from piers. When fishing from piers most anglers like to use live bait, like spawn, minnows and smelt across the bottom.

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