Lake Michigan Fishing Charters

Lake Michigan Fishing Charters

Planning a fishing trip in Michigan? There’s no better source than Big Kahuna Charters. If you’re looking for the very best in Lake Michigan fishing charters, this is why you should race to Big Kahuna today:

Location: With 2 yachts on East Grand Traverse Bay, Big Kahuna has you covered. When it comes to Lake Michigan fishing charters, Grand Traverse Bay offers the safest, most reliable, and best fishing around! The bay is insulated by land on three sides, which means you’re able to drop the line within two miles from the harbor. We provide the safety of an inland lake with the fish of Lake Michigan - no better combination around. Plus, the insulation of the bay makes it much less likely that we’ll ever have to cancel due to weather.

Accommodation: We can accommodate large groups of people at once, which makes Big Kahuna Charters one of the largest Lake Michigan fishing charters in the state! Bring the whole family - grandma and grandpa too - and we’ll provide the support and expertise necessary for you to walk away with all the fish you can carry. We’ll clean and package your fish too, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Flexibility: We offer both half and full days out on Grand Traverse Bay, which gives you the flexibility you need out of your Lake Michigan fishing charter. We generally depart from the harbor anywhere between 6-7:30am, 11:30am-1pm, or 4-5:30pm. Normal charters run either four or eight hours, which is plenty of time to catch plenty of fish!

Still not convinced? Call Big Kahuna Charters today to learn why we are the very best in Lake Michigan fishing charters. You’ll be glad you did!